How to get the job you really want

10 Top Tips – How to get the job you really want!

Hooray, Gloucestershire’s ethical recruitment company, believe in helpful and honest recruitment.

So, whether you’re a candidate or not, we want to give you our top 10 tips to help you to get the job you really want.

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1. Write the best CV – make it succinct, punchy and memorable! 

It can be difficult to write about yourself and your professional accomplishments or to find that sweet spot that showcases your experience without overwhelming the page.

So how do you write a CV that reveals all but leaves the hiring manager wanting more?

A CV is your first ever impression to employees so investing time in it is crucial to make sure it presents you in the best possible way. Remember, it’s your time to shine and show a potential employer why they should hire you over the competition.

Planning your CV will go a long way. Start by noting down your skills, experience and evidence of your achievements. Don’t just think about the what expand on the why and the how.

Make sure to go over with a fine-tooth comb, check for spelling and grammar, and take out any unnecessary words to make it more succinct – less is always more.

We’re a helpful recruitment agency so if you’re having any problem just get in touch we’d be happy to help.

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2. Make Your CV Look Good

Once you’ve planned the content of your resume it’s time to think about the way it looks.

On average, employers look at resumes for six to seven seconds so it is important to stand out. Get creative, include a secondary font, change the colour, worked anywhere impressive? Add in some branding.

Remember though, this isn’t a poster project. Be sparing. Blank space is your friend. Use it to break up text and create a clean layout for your resume and make sure you have clear headings.

The format of your CV can help demonstrate your organisational skills and create an easy to read resume which allows the manager to find your information quicker.

Hiring managers and recruitment consultants look through hundreds of CV’s, if the role has a competitive amount of applications and your CV is too long they may discard it without even looking at it. Try and keep it to a maximum of 2 pages.

If you’re struggling to fit all your accomplishments onto two pages, try rewording and taking out words or using online template builders, or if you (or friends or family) have the software Adobe has free templates to download and use.

If you need any further advice on your CV give us a call, we’re more than happy to take a look at anyone’s CV, candidate or not.

3. Always Tailor Your CV for Each Job

It’s important to tailor your CV for each position don’t just spray a generic CV for every role you apply. Creating a more targeted CV will show your current recruiter or future employer how you are a fit for the position. If you’re applying for a number of different positions but submitting the same resume for each individual job it won’t be possible to meet all those unique requirements.

If you want to grab the hiring manager’s attention, you’ll need to show them relevant experience and why that makes you the ideal candidate.

But how to make your CV appeal to each company?

Do some research. Find out more about the role and company. Is there anything information in there that you can relate to and include on your CV?

Researching not only helps you to make relevant changes to your CV but it’s also a good opportunity to learn more about your future role and employer. Don’t forget to check out their socials too. It’s a great way to see if your values align and if you can see yourself working there.

Muslim woman on the phone. Making a follow up call to Recruitment agency/Hiring manager

4. The Follow-Up Call

A follow-up call isn’t for everyone, that’s why it’s important you do it.

It takes courage to put yourself in a vulnerable position so a follow-up call is a great way to show off your communication skills and to show them you can be bold.

The first step is to judge when to make the follow-up call. Call either when you have submitted a job application or had an interview. A follow-up call is important to remind the hiring manager of your candidacy and demonstrate your interest in the role.

It’s also another way to leave an impression and show you go the extra mile.

What the right recruiters looks like. Local recruitment agency. Ethical recruitment consultants outside their office

5. Engage with the right recruiter

Recruitment consultants spend their days speaking to hiring managers and reading through CV’s so it is no surprise that these guys are the experts when it comes to helping you find the perfect role.

Like it or not, with over 56% of the world’s population online, social media is the place to be. This means there are a variety of different platforms you can now use to virtually stalk your recruitment agency. Get to know them individually by checking out their LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

But how to find the right recruiter?

It’s time to do some investigating. Look for local recruiters to your area or the area you are hoping to find a vacancy, they will have strong relationships and connections within that area to help open doors and get that all-important role.

Don’t just take the recruiter’s word for it, check out their reviews to gain further insight into the service they provide and how satisfied their clients/candidates were. You can also view their website to help inform your decision about which recruitment company suits you best.

To hear what our clients and candidates have to say about us check out our testimonials here

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Networking for recruitment agency and local businesses in Cheltenham.

6. Networking / Referrals

You need to put yourself out there, attend events/networking groups and grow your network.

There are loads of networking opportunities and even events that are held online. Use the world wide web and even social media to find out more about networking events near you.

Remember opportunities might be waiting for you and you never know who you might meet!

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog where we have collected our favourite networking events just for you.

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 7. Get Online

Make sure your LinkedIn / social profiles are all up to date and showing your best professional self.

70% of hiring managers say they have had success hiring through social media.  And Glassdoor says that 79% of job seekers use social media when job hunting. Proving that social media is an integral part of the new way to job search.

Behind us are the days of the yellow pages and circling the back of newspapers it is time to get online and show people your best professional self. Social media is a powerful tool that can seem hard to navigate at first but just make sure you’re connecting with relevant people and sharing content that will get you noticed for the right reasons.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to present your personal brand and to show off your skills, experience and professional opinion. Remember, try not to brag too much, keep it valuable. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with businesses and companies that interest you and who you aspire to work for.

Don’t forget its job feature allows you to search for lots of jobs across the platform with a whopping 40 million people searching jobs on LinkedIn every week.

It’s not just LinkedIn, Harris Poll found that 67% of employers use social media sites to research potential job candidates. So make sure you are well represented across the board.

8. Prepare for the Interview

Remember the saying, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’!

Practice makes perfect. A great way to prepare for your interview is to practice, practice, practice! Hooray recruitment consultants are here to help so feel free to pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly consultants. Alternatively, you can ask friends or family members or even practice in front of the mirror. Whatever you can to get yourself used to answering questions and getting familiar with your key points.

To help ease your nerves they say knowledge is power! Find out more about the role you’re applying for. Questions about the company are likely to be part of the interview and it’s always impressive when a candidate is knowledgeable about the company and the role.

9. Make Sure Your Enthusiasm Shines Through

Sometimes it can be difficult when you’re nervous to be yourself or to look at the other candidates in the waiting room without feeling inadequate. But it’s ok you’re not on your own, it happens to all of us.

If you feel your cv might not be as strong as other candidates. Don’t panic, you don’t always have to be the smartest person in the room, it’s about being the right person for the role and the company.

Let your personality shine through and show them who you really are. If the hiring manager likes you and thinks you’ll fit in well with the team then you’re already more than halfway there.

10.  Find your USP

Really think about your differentiator, what sets you apart and why they should choose you. Think about your Unique Selling Point (USP).

What sets you apart from the rest? Why should they hire you over the next person?

If the thought of this freaks you out and you really aren’t sure, ask a family member or a friend to help. Sometimes it can be difficult to see yourself in a positive light so ask the people that love you. You’ll get more answers than you’ll know what to do with. Trust us.

Confidence is key and the key to confidence is preparation! So remember to be yourself, do your research and answer with conviction!

If you’d like any support or recruitment advice regarding CV tips, interview techniques or anything else job-related, we’re happy to help. Pick up the phone and give us buzz on 01242 300 228.

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