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Mythbusters – Recruitment Style by Anna

February 1, 2019

Working within Recruitment can certainly have its moments, let’s face it, when your product is people things aren’t always in your control! But what about when you do have the perfect candidate, finding them their perfect, forever job is going to be easy, right??

Job adverts are easy to write….

I have started with this one as it is one of my favourites, and probably the easiest one to respond to when I hear it. How often do you read a job advert and think, ‘I have absolutely no idea what that job entails and I don’t have time to check’. Or see a job advert with no salary bracket? Or unsure if you are qualified or have the relevant experience to apply?

A well written job advert will have candidate’s thirsty for more details, wondering if they might be selected for interview and excited to submit their CV. If you receive an application or CV and it seems like the candidate isn’t that interested, it may be the advert wasn’t very interesting. Churning out the same old templates won’t wash in a candidate market, and let’s be honest, anything not original can be copied and pasted by your competitors. While it might seem that sitting with a thesaurus and using ‘buzz words’ will save the day, in actual fact it can be off-putting. Recruiters are trained to listen and understand your job description, and any worth their salt will write you an ad that brings in the talent you are looking for.

Always go for the biggest, most well know agency….

Ever heard the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? The main benefit of choosing a smaller, boutique agency is the specialism. Does your recruiter understand your business? Your client base? Your liabilities and social responsibilities?

When choosing your recruiter, look for the industry experts. Time is money, nobody wants to explain their business every time they need a new recruit. A personal, knowledgeable approach can’t be underestimated, and you are much more likely to be looked after when your consultant isn’t looking after a high volumes of clients from different industries.

Phone Calls

January 7, 2019

When you’re job searching, it’s important to be prepared for a phone interview at very short notice. Many businesses and recruiters start the process with a phone call to discuss the job opportunity and determine whether you would be a good fit, and to gauge your interest in the position.

Quite often, a phone call may come out of the blue and so it is imperative to answer the phone professionally, especially if the number is an unfamiliar one. If you are unable to have a detailed conversation at that time, politely take the details of the caller and arrange a suitable time to pick the conversation back up. Most importantly, always call back or answer your phone at said time!

Top 10 tips to improve your CV from Verity

November 13, 2018

Have you started your job search? Dusted off that old CV from your emails several years ago?  The first stages of seeking new employment usually start with finding the CV you had from your last role, and just adding a bit and then applying for multiple roles via a jobsite. This is how the majority of people apply for jobs and on average 250 applications are received for a particular role, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Hooray recruitment represents high quality candidates and we know what a great CV looks like – here are my top tips to improve your CV and increase the likelihood of that exciting first call back.

Hip Hip Hooray!

November 1, 2018




Hip Hip Hooray! Happy 1st birthday to us! THANKYOU so much to everyone who has supported us in our first year of business, it’s been fantastic and we are very grateful!

Cheese Club Yum!

October 26, 2018




Fantastic time today at Circle 2 Success Cheese Club at Hotel Du Vin in Cheltenham. Richard here with Jane from RRA Architects, Erica from Bamboo Tech, Cris from HCR Law, Paul from Brewin Dolphin, Celia from Fresh Nous and Sophie from Willans Solicitors – such great company! Looking forward to the next one as always.

Top 8 questions for employers to ask candidates in an interview

October 24, 2018

  1. What attracted you to this role? 

This will tell you how much research they have done into the role and your company. You want a candidate who has a clear idea of what the role encompasses and why they would be successful in it.

  1. What are your main motivations? 

Are they looking to develop their skills with your company or do they feel passionate about the industry you operate in?

Welcome Verity!

October 15, 2018




Hooray is growing! Please welcome our fantastic new consultant, Verity! We are so pleased to have you on board and know you’ll be a massive help and support to all our fabulous clients and candidates!

Interviewing tip – take your time!

October 10, 2018




A job interview can be intimidating and certainly make you feel uneasy. But stress can inhibit your ability to think clearly. Ensure you remain cool, calm and collected. This will help you to listen and better answer questions.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter Open Day

September 25, 2018




What a great day at the annual Cheltenham Animal Shelter Open Day on Saturday. Despite the onslaught of rain, so many people came to support this fantastic charity and lots of money was raised. Ian and Richard manned the bottle tombola which was a huge success (all the bottles on this table were won and then stock replenished again and only four bottles were left at the end!) and they had a brilliant time.

Know the company and jargon

September 5, 2018




Interview tip time! Make sure you do your research on the company by checking out their website and social media platforms. Making comment on some of their recent news or market sector will make you look credible and interested!