Interviewing tip – take your time!




A job interview can be intimidating and certainly make you feel uneasy. But stress can inhibit your ability to think clearly. Ensure you remain cool, calm and collected. This will help you to listen and better answer questions.

Focus on some key skills.

In order to concentrate during the interview, think of one or two things that you would like the interviewer to remember you for. Is it your knowledge, communication skills or project management achievements? Honing in on a few things will keep you alert and fixated on the interview at hand.

Don’t lose patience, take your time.

Realise that the interviewer may use tactics to put you in an uncomfortable position or trick you by looking unhappy or dissatisfied with your answers. Don’t lose patience or focus. Try controlled breathing and remind yourself why you are in that room.

It is not always easy to stay focused during an interview – more so if you feel it’s not going well. By staying relaxed and focused on the interview and interviewer sends out the message that you can stay cool even when in the hot seat. You will come off as a confident candidate, recommending yourself to the employer by your behaviour and body language.