Top 5 ways Hooray can help you with your job search!

You have been thinking about it for a while and you have decided it is time to move on from your current role. You have just been made redundant.

You are looking to return to work following a break. You are looking for your first professional role. Here at Hooray we know how you feel and we would like to let you know all the ways we can help you in your new job search.

1. You are looking at all the roles online and you are not sure what role will suit you.
Hooray can help- we can speak with you about what you are looking for and boil it all down for you and what might suit your skills and experience, it is certainly worth speaking with us to see if your skills and experience would be applicable in a new role or a career change and how to go about it.

2. You are looking at your CV and you would like some advice.
Hooray can help- our experienced consultants can support to get your CV right and can offer professional advice on how you can stand out from the crowd, just give us a call and ask to register with us.

3. You would like support in approaching a company you would love to work for.
Hooray can help- we have contacts across sectors for administration and office staff and we can support you to approach a company and act as your advocate, getting you a professional introduction to the company you would love to work for.

4. You have seen one of our roles and want to apply and would like to know the process.
Hooray can help you each step of the way- if you are shortlisted we will talk you through the next steps and determine if this role is right for you, we will sent your CV to the client and speak to them on your behalf. As we have close links with our clients, we can give you a good idea of what they are looking for and support you throughout the application process including preparing you for the interview and even past placement.

5. You are looking for a new role however you have checked our website and at the moment we don’t have what you are looking for but you would like to be contacted about appropriate roles in the future.

Hooray can help – why not register with us, we can add you to our system and add your preferences and key skills and when the right role comes in, we can contact you! Alternatively you can regularly check our website as all the roles on there are live and we regularly update it or you can follow on social media for regular job updates.

To hear more about how Hooray can help you, why not get in touch by calling us on 01242 300228.

You can email us with an enquiry;

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We hope we will be able to help with your job hunt and look forward to hearing from you!