Why should you use a recruitment agency?

10 Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency

Why choosing Hooray recruitment to fill your next role might be the right choice for you.

There are a lot of competing agencies to decide between and although we feel there are lot more reasons to work with us, we have picked the top 10 below!

1. Fast turnaround of filling a role

If you have a recruitment need that is immediate, the benefit of using a recruitment agency like HOORAY is that we have a pool of candidates available for temporary and permanent roles and we are used to working quickly and efficiently to fill a role and meet a deadline for you.

2. Job market insight

We at HOORAY recruitment specialise in support and administrative staff across the sectors, and we can offer our specialist insight for your next recruitment need, from what a competitive salary looks like to how many candidates are likely to be available that matches your brief.

3. Unique candidate pool

HOORAY don’t just advertise our jobs on the standard job boards, we proactively search our candidate database and all the major CV boards to find the right candidate for you. Our unique approach means that we attract candidates that are a bit different and we think outside the box when matching candidates to clients.

4. The benefit of years of experience

As a team we have over 30 years of experience in recruitment and the benefit of this experience is that we know what we are looking for, how to look for it and how to manage the recruitment process in an informed and professional way.

5. A time and effort saving service

Recruitment can be a long, drawn out process where candidates can let you down along the way and even after they have started their new role. HOORAY can save you the time it takes to write adverts, post them, wait for applicants, contact them until they get back to you and screen them to invite them to interview- we can do all that for you! We also meet all our candidates before their interview and ensure they are engaged throughout and after the process, saving you time and effort.


6. A consultative, bespoke service

We pride ourselves in being there every step of the way with you on your recruitment process. We at HOORAY meet you in your working environment and get under the skin of what you are looking for and get a clear picture of what is essential and desirable for you and who would fit in with your organisation. We also can use the benefit of our experience to advise you on the job market and where you may need to adapt.

7. The benefit of losing less candidates

The recruitment process can be tricky and ensuring candidates are contacted swiftly and stay engaged throughout is a tricky and time-consuming job. Let Team Hooray take care of this for you! As an extension of your business, we are used to ‘selling’ the opportunity and ‘selling’ you as an employer of choice and in such a competitive and candidate-driven market, it is imperative we get candidates buy-in and engagement quickly.

8. Flexible rates

Here at HOORAY we know what it’s like having to operate on a budget and we have lots of ideas of how to flexibly meet your needs without breaking the bank- why not speak to us about how we can put together a plan for your bespoke recruitment service? Don’t be a stranger,give us a buzz on 01242 300 228 or Click here for our recruitment services

9. A high-quality service

We realise that you need to feel like you can trust that we can provide a high-quality service and we are delighted to provide that to our clients. Our solid foundation in recruitment and highly experienced consultants provide this service- but don’t just take our word for it, click here to see for yourself what other people are saying about HOORAY recruitment.

10. Our unique ethical approach

Our unique ethical approach involves contacting every candidate that applies for our roles and giving them feedback every step of the way. This can reflect well on you as an employer as you have engaged with a service that looks after your candidates and does not discourage them from applying again, or recommending you as an employer. We also get full consent and buy-in from our candidates before sending them to you and take our compliance seriously when providing temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to reduce risk.  We are also deeply embedded in the charitable community and give our time to good causes every quarter.

We have just given you 10 reasons to work with us, why not get in touch today and experience all the benefits of using Hooray for your next recruitment need?

Please call us on 01242 300228 or email hello@hoorayworks.co.uk

If you’d find out more, please visit our website https://hoorayworks.co.uk/

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