8 Top Tips to Motivate Your Temporary Workers

Healthcare and Education Devision assist Temporary worker in the Cheltenham recruitment office. As Cheltenham’s Ethical Recruitment company, we want to give you our top tips on how to motivate a temporary worker!

Any business or organisation can benefit from using temporary workers in an effective and economical way. They provide flexible cover that supports the growth of businesses, whether it be to cover hectic work hours, personnel absences, or to replace an unexpected vacancy.

However, short-term employment can lead to a lack of motivation…

But no worries!

We are here to provide our best tips to ensure employee engagement and that everyone has the best working experience at your company!

So let’s begin…

#1 Go from Temporary to Permanent

If possible, offer your temp workers a range of opportunities for growth within the company.

Let them know that they have the potential to develop their skills and knowledge and that their hard work could lead them to permanent opportunities.

More opportunities may result in a more ambitious temporary worker!

2# Make Them Feel a Part of the Team

It’s important to remember to treat everyone as an individual, so why not get to know your staff personally?!

Make some conversation or learn some names, while showing appreciation for their achievements.

So, get your temporary workers involved in social events, projects and internal meetings. Encourage collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect. This will help to build a sense of community and encourage the temp worker to feel like they are part of the team.

You never know, you may hear your best ideas yet!

3# Give Them a Variety of Work

Get your temps to explore a wider understanding of the company by encouraging different roles in departments.

This may inspire temporary workers as you’re investing in their personal and professional growth while also reaping the benefits of a well-trained workforce.

This will give you the ability to identify individuals who excel in a certain field and might make effective long-term employees for your company which is an additional benefit.

For example, they could be in Accounts one day and Human Resources the next.

4# Offer them Opportunities to Learn New Skills

Encourage and provide opportunities for the temp worker to develop their skills and gain new experiences.

This can help your temp workers build their CV and increase their employability in future jobs.

For example – learning new software such as Adobe or giving them SEO training can make them stand out from other future candidates and keep them motivated to work.

5# Provide Everyone with Similar Benefits

Ensure that the temp worker is treated fairly and with respect.

How you treat your employees reflects on you as a company, so don’t discriminate, focus on inclusion and teamwork.

Make sure that your temps can receive the same benefits and opportunities as permanent employees. Don’t forget about them just because they’re temporary


6# Give Them Positive Feedback

A fantastic method to inspire employees and demonstrate that you are concerned about their development is to highlight good work, such as positive praise or sharing expertise.

Recognition for a job well done will instil loyalty and create a positive working environment.

A simple “thank you” can go a long way in motivating a temp worker.

7# Create Motivation

To create motivation, consider providing incentives for your temp workers.

If your employee can reach performance goals or milestones, why not reward them for their hard work?

An example of this could be money incentives or gift cards!

8# Setting expectations

Set clear expectations for what is expected of the temp worker. Make sure they understand what their goals are and how their work will contribute to the larger project.

This can be done by regular communication and clear information on the assignment required.

Temporary jobs can be full of last-minute alterations or stressful environments so provide them updates, whether it’s regularly or as needed, to make sure they don’t make any mistakes or choose the wrong course of action.

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